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Watch the replay of CBD Forum hosted by Runners High 'n Tri on 05/07/2020.  The insightful interview with 3 speakers moderated by Mark and Pom Rouse, co owners of Runners High 'n Tri.  Each guest speaker shared their experience and stories about their own journey with CBD. 


Mark and Pom Rouse

Co owners | Runners High 'n Tri

Mark shared his experience on how CBD has helped him with his PTSD and improved his sleeping cycle.
Pom had her struggled with migraine and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Find out how CBD helped her with her chronic condition.

Guest Speaker

Sandra McFarland

Owner of 180 PURE Premium CBD

Sandra shared the tips on how to use CBD effectively.  She also shared a fun story about one of her clients who did not believe in CBD power.  He visited her shop according to this wife and his daughter's request to buy some CBD oil to help with their anxiety.  He is now a total believer after seeing how CBD has helped his wife and his daughter.

Guest Speaker

Kelly McGourty

Charlotte's Web Inc, Product Specialist

Dive deep into the conversation about Charlotte's Web CBD brand.  Kelly talked about the history of how Standley Brother Company named their CBD brand after a little girl named Charlotte who suffered from Dravet Syndrome.
Kelly also shared her experience in using CBD oil for her migraine and more.

Guest Speaker

Jason Higgins

Veteran Navy SEAL, EX-High Threat Security Contractor

EASY DAY Premium Hemp CEO

Jason openly shared his experience upon how CBD had helped him with his severe PTSD and how CBD has become one of the options to help him get off his medications.  "I thought hell week during SEAL training was the most difficult challenge I had in my life.  I was wrong!  Getting off those anti depression drugs was actually the most difficult challenge in my life.  I felt like I had zero control of my brain or my body. ..."

We hope that these videos can help you understand the power of natural products and why we advocate "Plants over Pills" approach.

We received countless of great reviews from customers regarding their experience with CBD and how CBD has become a great option to improve their quality of life.  If you are curious or still have some questions about CBD, please feel free to contact us. 

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FDA DISCLAIMER  :  The FDA has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. 

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