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"One person’s mile is another person’s marathon."  Mark Rouse  

Meet Mark Rouse

Owner, Runners High’n Tri

Mark grew up in an athletic family. As soon as he could walk, he started following his father, a high school athletic director and coach, to the gym. Growing up, he played basketball and ran track and cross-country. After graduating from Ferris State University in Michigan, his devotion to fitness led him to running—and a friendly competition with a close friend who had qualified for the Boston Marathon. To one-up him, Mark completed an early Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. That life-changing race opened up the world of multi-sport training to him, a move Mark credits with his longevity in sport.


Q : What’s your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?

A : Without a doubt, finishing in the top 100 at the Ironman World Championship.


Q : Describe the joy you find in being an athlete.

A : I usually train in the morning. Accomplishing a goal early gets the day off to a good start. I think the little block of time we take—to exercise, to reflect, to organize our thoughts — is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.


Q : What advice do you often give clients?

A : Be consistent. Set goals. Fitness is a lifestyle. And, one person’s mile is another person’s marathon. We see so many people come in the door very enthusiastic for a big goal—that’s important, but so is the mindset of a lifetime commitment to fitness. Great journeys begin with first steps.


Q : What about Runners High’n Tri makes you proudest?

A : We’ve been part of Arlington Heights for over 25 years. I love being an anchor in the community, and I love the diversity of our clientele—their goals, their enthusiasm, and the sports they pursue. The heart and soul of our store is helping to change lives through athletic participation, and that’s a tremendous honor. I’ve seen firsthand that a pair of shoes can really change your life.


I also want to acknowledge the Runners High’n Tri team. Without our staff and partners, the store wouldn’t be the thriving, successful resource it is today. Great ventures are always a collaboration.

With Lalo, former Navy SEAL
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