It's our RESPONSIBILITY to offer top quality CBD products at our store.   


All of the CBD products we offer have been tested by reliable 3rd party laboratory to ensure the quality.

#plantsoverpills is the reason why athletes are ditching Ibuprofen for CBD

Why would a specialty running store like Runners High 'n Tri offer CBD products?  And our answer is "Why not?"

Over a year ago (spring 2018) one of our long time customers came in with his daughter in the stroller looking for shoes for his marathon training.  His daughter has been diagnosed with seizure disorder since she was a baby, thus, they have been dealing with the challenge in her development since she was a baby.  

However, something in this girl has changed, she could interact more with us.  She was, for sure, a very different girl!  Excited and happy for him, we congratulated him on the successful therapy.  He said, "Thank you for the compliment, we have been giving her CBD OIL treatment!"   CBD?  What is CBD?

"Mark and I were so intrigued by the conversation about the benefit of CBD oil that we started to do research about CBD.  We have come across many journals written by scientist, bloggers, athletes, veterans, etc. about the benefit of CBD.  But the only way to know if it works is to try CBD oil ourselves.  

We ordered couple of brands and of course, some worked, some tasted like grass, some made us hungry every 2 hours, some just ... not worked at all and finally, we found the SuperStar."

CBD: What does it do for your body?

Outside of strictly medicinal purposes, CBD is simply the part of cannabis that relieves anxiety and stress. Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive, so CBD products on their own shouldn’t have adverse effects on patients. In fact, CBD is an even more effective treatment than medical marijuana in many cases. After all, cannabidiol offers only the benefits of the plant, without any drawbacks.

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