Virtual Fittings

Zoom Video Chat with our experts!


You will need:

• Phone, tablet or laptop

• Measuring tape (We prefer the construction measuring tape due to the rigidity, but if you don’t have the       tape, a long ruler or regular measuring tape will do the job!)

• Chair (you may need to hold on the the chair while you are doing 1 leg squat)

• Your current running shoes

Step-by-step virtual fitting process

(what to expect during the virtual fitting session.)  Click on each picture for complete directions.

Booking an appointment
Book your appointment for a virtual shoe fitting.
Zoom Meeting
We will email you a link to Zoom for your virtual meeting.
Virtual meeting with our staff
Our staff will guide you towards finding the proper footwear.
Setting up measuring tape
Our staff will guide you on how to set up the measuring tape correctly.
Finding the right size
By standing right on top of the measuring tape with your heel right against the wall, we will be able to determine the length of your feet.
Finding the proper width
We will find the proper width by standing on top of the measuring tape with the side of your foot against the wall.
Alignment Discussion
Through a series of movements of your feet, ankles and heels, we will be able to determine the level of stability and cushion.
Footwear recommendation
Our staff will make recommendations for proper footwear for you with color choices.
Free Shipping
Shipping is free. We also offer curbside service.
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