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Runners High 'n Tri

Local resource, national reconition

Runners High 'n Tri : Local Resource,


Since 1990, we’ve been an anchor business in downtown Arlington Heights and a valuable resource for the local athletic community. The heart of our store is helping to change lives through athletic participation. Our team members are experienced and avid fitness experts with numerous marathons and Ironman races to their credit. We’re also proud of our national recognition: Competitor Magazine has named Runners High’n Tri as one of the Top 50 best running stores in America several times.  

Shop local, support our community

Another fact that brings us great pride is being part of this community. Locally owned stores are more than just the corner store—they’re the foundation of our economy. That’s why where you buy matters. Local businesses reinvest in the area economy at a 60% higher rate than chains. That means that the dollars spent here get re-spent in Arlington Heights, supporting other local businesses as well. It’s about an interconnected economy that keeps our community strong. 

Shop local—it’s personal 

When people buy local, it’s personal. We live in the same community and we’re all connected. We’re also more likely to support hometown activities and events. At Runners High’n Tri, we’re your area experts, but we’re also your friends and neighbors. Taking good care of you means we’re taking good care of our community.  

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