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The best pair of shoes is the pair that's right for you.  We'll help you find it.

Shoe Fitting Process

Expertise and personal attention

Doing your research online is a great start. There is no substitute, however, for going through an in-person shoe fitting. We’ve put thousands of customers in the right shoes, and we’re familiar with the vast array of shoes on the market.  What’s more, we have our fingers on the pulse of the shoe industry and we’re continually learning as a team about the latest and greatest developments in technology. Our ongoing education benefits you—no one is more up-to-date than we are.

Asking the right questions

We’ll ask you about your activity level and weekly mileage, upcoming races and goals, and how you use your current shoes. We also want to know your injury history so we can keep your continued health as an athlete top of mind.  

Choosing the right shoe

With that information, we’ll test out shoes to get you into the right pair. We’re expert shoe fitters, so we know what to look for in your gait. Every customer is different: some need just a few minutes with us, and some take more time to evaluate several pairs. Since precise fit is key, you’ll have our full attention for as long as it takes.

Get fitted today

Whether you’re training for your first 5K, your tenth marathon, or want to log a few regular miles at the gym, precise shoe fit is key to healthy fitness. And, we’ll guide you on how often to replace your shoes and when you should plan to be refit. Our shoe fitting process is complimentary with the purchase of a pair of shoes, so stop in and see us today. 

Fitting Process 2
Fitting process 3

Hear about the difference the right shoes made.

"I really trust the staff at Runners High 'n Tri, especially for running shoe fit."


“Pom is the best shoe-fitter in the business.” –Michelle 

“I came in when I was deep into training for my second marathon in 2008 and struggling with persistent tendonitis. Mark’s guidance got me into the right shoes—and I’ve been a healthy, pain-free runner ever since.” –Jara

“I’m the first to admit I’m not your most enthusiastic runner. The right shoes, though, have made a big difference in my enjoyment. Now I log a few miles 2-3 times a week, and I even call myself a “runner” sometimes.” –Ben 

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