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Easy Day Hemp Operation

"Because the war does not stop when you come home..."


Easy Day Hemp is More than a "Brand". We are a Movement meant to inspire others to take back their bodies and minds. Led by a TEAM of Ex-Navy SEALs we have brought the same unyielding standards to the Industrial Hemp CBD Business that made us successful as operators in the SEAL TEAMS.

We are proud to support our veterans.

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Every Batch of Easy Day Hemp is 3rd Party tested to ensure our products are  of the highest quality. We specialize in both Full & Broad Spectrum (THC-FREE) Products and know the importance of complete transparency. 

Quality Control
Meet our founders
Jason Higgins

Jason Higgins

During his 14 years of combat experience as both a Navy SEAL and Contractor, Jason made over 15 deployments to combat zones.


He then left the Special Operations Community to pursue a life outside of direct combat roles and begin his personal recovery. He spent the next three years traveling and scouring the globe for natural medicines and practices such as Ashtanga Yoga, Wim Hof breathing, cold exposure and others supplements and treatments that could help him conquer the issues he was having after returning home. He has been lucky enough to have met and worked with practitioners at the forefront of plant-based medicines.


He has since focused his energies on educating and exposing himself to the latest technologies available to veterans for PTSD and anxiety related issues, dedicating himself daily to further his personal recovery and teaching his fellow veterans about both the treatments available to them and the benefits they are entitled.

He has been an avid user of cannabinoids and has combined in cooperation with Will some of their favorite botanicals and supplements to aid in helping others achieve a more balanced life.

"Night Vision a great tool and technology allowing our nations military to own the darkness. A tool to be used.  

As is CBD a tool to harness the mind and body. We’re glad to be offering our customers the very best product on the market." 


Easy Day CBD Tincture
Message from Runners High 'n Tri Team

We are proud to introduce Easy Day Hemp to our customers.   Jason and Will's stories are the living proof that CBD oil is a great option for people who are looking for an alternative medicine with less side effect. 

Do you know that CBD oil can help with :

- Pain

- Anxiety

- Depression


- Inflammation

- And many more....

We also offer their maximum strength CBD Oil, contains 3000mg of Hemp derived CBD per bottle.  One of the strongest and purest form of CBD oil available in the market at the moment.

FDA DISCLAIMER  :  The FDA has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Easy Day Hemp makes no claim to the passing or failing of Drug screening tests. Please consult your physician before beginning a new treatment plan. Easy Day Hemp's Full Spectrum lines test THC FREE and are compliant with all Federal guidelines regarding Industrial Hemp.

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