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Local Teacher and Niece Take on the 50 States Challenge

Cancellations are very typical of 2020. We open our emails each week greeted by another race cancellation due to COVID-19. This is frustrating for those training and looking forward to their 2020 events, but Buffalo Grove High School teacher, Teresa Deal, and her niece, Bridget, have adapted by creating their own challenge.

The pair is continuing Teresa’s goal of completing a 5k in every state, now virtually, and learning about each state as they train for it. They’ll research state capitals, flags, birds and other fun facts, then call each other to discuss what they’ve learned. After completing the 5k for that state, Bridget will color it in on her United States map pillow case.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Teresa says, “I even learn some new things about each state!”

To find the right shoes for the challenge, Teresa and Bridget visited Runner’s High ‘n Tri. Staff fit them for the Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Ghost, which have excellent support for their feet, and recommended Features running socks, which are also a new favorite. With the proper gear, they can run many of the 5ks left on their list.

Together, the pair has completed 19 states and is currently training for Arizona.

Want to take on the 50 States challenge yourself?

Complete all 50 or choose your favorites! Here are some resources to gets started:

Nat Geo for Kids: 50 States provides information for kids about each state

Running in the USA - While some 2020 races are cancelled, many still offer virtual options!

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